Enterprise mobility management

 (EMM) is the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing mobile devices, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services in a business context. As more workers have bought smartphone and tablet computing devices and have sought support for using these devices in the workplace, EMM has become increasingly significant.

The goal of EMM is to determine if and how available mobile IT should be integrated with work processes and objectives, and how to support workers when they are using these devices in the workplace.[1]


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Mobile Enterprise Security

Enterprise information is everywhere: in the datacenter, in the cloud, in mobile apps, on mobile devices, and in motion between them. MobileIron secures enterprise information wherever it lives.

MobileIron provides the secure foundation for companies around the world to transform into Mobile First organizations.


 With mobile devices increasingly becoming critical enterprise productivity tools, sensitive company data has moved beyond the traditional security perimeter into the cloud. As a result, empowering mobile productivity can often conflict with the need to secure this sensitive data.

In response to this, modern organizations are increasingly investing in solutions that provide visibility and protection for these evolving mobile threats, which include mobile malware, data leakage, sideloaded apps, and jailbroken/rooted devices.